Be a Good Digital Citizen Kids

Digital Citizenship is honestly one of my favorites “history/computers” things that I get to teach kids!  I made a week worth of lesson plans for a class this summer all about digital citizenship for 2nd graders and it was super cute!  I am keeping that lesson to have for future reference.  It just so happens,... Continue Reading →


How Time Flies

Well here we are halfway through the semester.  Honestly, it feels like it has been two weeks.  Lucky for me, I have so much going on to help me pass the time that I've barely noticed were already on week 8!! ^This is a glass half full in case you were wondering (or is it... Continue Reading →

Plan B – Week 7ish?

First of all, I put ish after my 7 because I have only really been doing this 3 weeks.  Okay, so I have been jamming on this sign language thing!  We didn't post last week which means I have 6 hours under my belt (which, more than that cause I just don't stop I guess). ... Continue Reading →

Tell Me a Story?

DS, Digital Storytelling.  It's a thing, it's a class, it's free?  Seriously what is going on?  I read ds106 course on our checklist this week and my heart sunk because I thought, oh no, not another class!  All is well though, and after doing some more looking at it, I actually would like to take... Continue Reading →


This week we were asked to spend two hours researching an approach to learning.  I could have chose the one I knew the best, I could have chosen the first one I typed into google, I could have even chosen the second one I typed into google.  Oh wait, ya I did that.  The Maker... Continue Reading →

Plan B

Okay, so fun (not so fun) fact this week.  Last Sunday like the little clumsy human I am, I managed to hurt myself.  I was riding in the swather cutting alfalfa, as us country people often do, and when I went to get out at 11 at night, the step happened to be further down... Continue Reading →

Garden of Knowledge

This week was all about my Personal Learning Network.  And cultivating a garden?  So here is my experience with my garden of knowledge. I started off this week reading that we had to follow 100 TWITTERS!! At first I thought it was a mistype, then I was highly disappointed and a little disgusted when... Continue Reading →

Can You Feel It??

For our first blog of the week, we were asked to look through some articles on passion-based learning and choose three to share with all of you.  So here we go! I will not lie, lists are probably my favorite way to receive information!  It feels like you are reading less but getting more topics... Continue Reading →

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