A Moment to Reflect

This week I read many articles about different schooling strategies, freedom in education, the mistakes we are currently making, and learning as a term separated from school.  It was definitely a lot to take in, but it really made me consider my own path in education and how it could have been different had these... Continue Reading →


Elephant, Elephant, What Do You See?

This week I read many articles, but the one we were asked to comment directly on was, "9 Elephants in the (Class)Room That Should “Unsettle” Us."  One final list to top off the semester, seems very fitting.  Essentially, this article listed 9 truths that are hard to bear in our classroom, 9 problems that don't... Continue Reading →

Teens and Social Media

Alright ya'll, this is my last of four A assignments for our class and then I'm on the home stretch.  I really struggled choosing this last topic.  I kind of wanted to do the one on Socioeconomic Inequality because this is something I will experience more as an elementary teacher in a rural school.  I'll... Continue Reading →

Plan B Finale

Alright, I'm not going to ruin anyones hopes and dreams so I'm just going to come out and say it...I did NOT make a video.  As much as I wanted to showcase all my newfound talent and talk myself up about it, I chose to spend this time with my family during this time of... Continue Reading →

Info + Graphs

Look at that!! It's soooo cute! Originally when I went through the resources Piktochart caught my eye.  It was presented in the first article I accessed, "Tech Review: Online Creation Tools Piktochart and Canva."  I worked hard to look though the other links we were given, but I was just dead set on making an... Continue Reading →

Children & Technology

Okay, not to confuse anyone, but this is my 2nd A assignment although it is A assignment #3 (I skipped the first one).  So this blog is going to be all about, you guessed it, children and technology!  How does it affect children and should they have it?  I'm excited about this because I have... Continue Reading →

Language in the Digital Age

Today I decided to do an A assignment!  For those of you who don't know, it's a grouping of readings and videos that we go through and then write this wonderfully enlightening blog for the AAAA (in the class)!  If you happen to be a classmate and thinking, "What is she talking about?" or "We... Continue Reading →

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